Monday, March 10, 2014

Dragon Quilt Update

Well...I thought I would post my latest status. Things are moving along on my latest dragon quilt...but I am moving a little bit more slowly than anticipated...Doesn't that does ALWAYS seem to the case? (sigh)

I have everything cut-out and the quilt base done (Not quilted yet...but ready to be quilted....) Here is the final lay-out...The pink lines by the flowers represent where I am going to out some decorative stitching for the stems. (the spines are done...but not in the layout below...)

Here is the original sketch....
Quilt Details....
I did finish the head....I am quite pleased with how it turned out...

The Chickadees are almost done...I realized they need a little bit more...I want to add "wings" to make the bodies rounder.
And here are the wings...I am really happy...the trick is going to be how it looks when I stitch it down. 

My goal is to finish it by next weekend. I want to premier it at the Norwescon Artshow. And then I will get back to a couple of bags I plan on Manuela's (my niece) Prom Dress. (Which I am very excited about!) 
As always...Live Long and Prosper...Theresa

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