Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hobos, Messengers and Cons...Oh My!

As I was preparing for Chicon, I found I wanted to expand and make a couple of "Hobo" bags and "Messenger" bags in addition to my "Con" (convention) bags. I have almost finished the face of two con bags. Pictured below is one I am calling "Destination: Moon". This is a nod to Robert Heinlein. I thought the clean lines of the rocket used in the movie was a great image for this "retro" inspired fabric. (And my thanks to Thor for his suggestion...he has all sorts of "retro" space material for me to draw upon..Looking forward to incorporating more of these images into other bags!)
I am also in the process of beading my "Star" bag (Title still to be determined.) For this bag, in addition to the beading, I wanted to have a few textured stars. After my search could not produce anything, I decided to create them. So I used a silver netting layered over a satin to make an applique'. I think this helped create a fun, yet elegant bag. Here is the front flap.
Below are my first foray into doing Hobo Bags. There are so many inspiring cotton prints out there that I wanted to use to use them. It came to me that Hobo Bags were a great way to utilize these fabrics. Of course I could not just leave them as prints so I had to embellished them. (...More to come on the techniques I am using.)
This one is called, "Play Day of the Dead".
And this one is called "The Final Frontier". Being a huge Star Trek fan, I wanted to, in my own small way, pay homage to the series. Do you think I do it justice?
I have not yet started on my messenger bags. I will let you know when I have something to show.

Well that's it for now...I am excitedly waiting for my labels to come in so I can actually start putting together the bags....Can't wait! Love Long and Prosper! Teri

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chicon...Here I Come...

I am so excited...I have entered into my first World Con Art Show...And it just happens to be in my old hometown of Chicago...It couldn't get any better. Here is a link to Chicon.

I received great feedback on the quilt I have shown at both Orycon and Norwescon. Unfortunately, it was not for sale since I made it for my niece. But I still had the pattern. (Half of the work was developing the pattern.) So I decided to do a series of 10 quilts using this pattern.

Here is a photo of the original quilt. This one is called "Mother Dragon"
For Chicon, I decided to work on the 2nd installment. And I have been working hard this version. I do not have a name for it yet, but I wanted something rich in texture and color.  I finished the dragon and am now in the process of basting it to the background. Here is a sneak peak. (Note the pins...tee hee...still have tons of basting to do...)
In addition to the Dragon Quilt, I am expanding my "Con Bag" collection. The idea behind these bags is to have one-of-a kind art bags that a con-goer can use. It has slots for your credit cards, ID and room key, a small pouch for cash, lipstick or whenever and the purse is big enough to hold a smart phone and a small pad of paper. I am always looking for found: fabrics, whether its from the fabric store, Goodwill or yard sales. Since I love to use texture and color, the back will always be a different fabric from the front. Here are photos of a couple I have shown in other shows.

This one is called "Dragon on the Prowl". The Dragon is hand-beaded and the pattern was free-formed as I beaded it on upholstery fabric. The back is 100% cotton and is machine embroidered. Lining is 100% cotton.

This next one is stone and beads on purple rayon/silk velvet. It's called "Spirit Stone". I was inspired by the spirit image in the stone. The back is 100% silk and is hand-smocked. Lining is 100% Cotton.

I will be showing these at Chicon as well in addition to a few more bags. I hope to start my next batch this weekend.

Well, that's it for now....I will post again when I am further along in my next project and may reveal some of my other bead/fabric art. :-)

Cheers, Teri

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Trying Again!!!!

After much trial and tribulation...(It appears I set-up multiple blogs.) I am once again going to attempt to blog on a regular basis.
Okay....I have lots of things happening. First I want to update everyone on my status. I have been in a few art shows now (and actually won Director's Choice at Orycon 31). I have also been in a couple of masquerades. I took Best of Show for Workmanship at Norwescon and with our group "Stempunk Wizard of Oz" took Best Journeyman for Workmanship at Worldcon.

As soon as I can collect all of the photos I will be posting them....

I took a break from doing the art shows to get married...My husband Thor is very loving and supportive.
Now that we are established in a new home, (and a new city and job for me) I want to be more active in my blog. I have an opportunity to Participate in the 1912 Project, recreating fashions from the Titanic.
I will also be working on new costumes for Norwescon for Thor and myself. Will be blogging on that progress as well. (Need to find my camera In addition, I have plans to sell items through Etsy and am contemplating entering the art show at Worldcon this year in Chicago. (Yes we are going....)

oh...I do need to update my profile (baby steps)

Stay Tuned!  Teri (Theresa)