Saturday, February 20, 2016

Mermaid Quilt - Part 2

Soooo...My sister says to me "I haven't seen any new updates about your quilt.". I took that as a hint that maybe I should let everyone know my progress.

I have been making strides. While I was able to use my pattern for the tail, I soon discovered I really did not like the shapes I drew for the body.  I ended up doing the body organically.  It was more like doing a mosaic or a jigsaw puzzle. But I am really pleased with the results.  All of the shapes are turn-needle and I was surprised I could work that small. I am looking forward to using this technique for future projects. 

The face turned out a little differently than planned, but I find that my faces often have their own personality so I usually go with it as they really do not give me a choice. 

Here is the result:

I also started working on the ground. I quilted the blue background and then washed it for added texture. I had pre-made several pieces using a product called "Texture Magic" for the sea bed elements. I had so much fun using the beauty of the batik fabric with the quilt stitches.  It really made my sea bed come alive. 

I am now in the process of satin stitching everything down. The seaweed on the right is done. 

So you can get an idea of how everything is coming together I placed the mermaid on the ground fabric.  The scales are something I am toying with right now. I don't think the scale of the scales (LOL) is quite right, I do think they need to be smaller. (Sigh...just more work...Ah well.)

I do plan to add some other sea elements (starfish, sea plants, etc...) I also am still working out how add the body and hair to the quilt. Decisions, decisions.

Well that's it for now.  Thanks again for dropping by! Teri