Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hobos, Messengers and Cons...Oh My!

As I was preparing for Chicon, I found I wanted to expand and make a couple of "Hobo" bags and "Messenger" bags in addition to my "Con" (convention) bags. I have almost finished the face of two con bags. Pictured below is one I am calling "Destination: Moon". This is a nod to Robert Heinlein. I thought the clean lines of the rocket used in the movie was a great image for this "retro" inspired fabric. (And my thanks to Thor for his suggestion...he has all sorts of "retro" space material for me to draw upon..Looking forward to incorporating more of these images into other bags!)
I am also in the process of beading my "Star" bag (Title still to be determined.) For this bag, in addition to the beading, I wanted to have a few textured stars. After my search could not produce anything, I decided to create them. So I used a silver netting layered over a satin to make an applique'. I think this helped create a fun, yet elegant bag. Here is the front flap.
Below are my first foray into doing Hobo Bags. There are so many inspiring cotton prints out there that I wanted to use to use them. It came to me that Hobo Bags were a great way to utilize these fabrics. Of course I could not just leave them as prints so I had to embellished them. (...More to come on the techniques I am using.)
This one is called, "Play Day of the Dead".
And this one is called "The Final Frontier". Being a huge Star Trek fan, I wanted to, in my own small way, pay homage to the series. Do you think I do it justice?
I have not yet started on my messenger bags. I will let you know when I have something to show.

Well that's it for now...I am excitedly waiting for my labels to come in so I can actually start putting together the bags....Can't wait! Love Long and Prosper! Teri