Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Well...It was certainly a very exciting weekend at Norwescon 37. 

The Artshow was fantastic. I was able to get feedback from Robert Gould, the Artist Guest of Honor and from Lee Moyer, who was the Artist Guest of Honor last year. Of course Rob Carlos was also very (very) helpful and inspirational. 

On top of that I really got to bond with several of the other artists in the Art Show, including John  Grey III, Lizzie D and Michael Duquette. 

I was truly inspired by the amount of talent that was at the artshow and am honored to have been more involved this year. I am even more motivated and am looking forward to taking my art even further. 

I premiered 5 new pieces and will be posting the photos later this week. As for sales, I did pretty well. I sold 3 bags and 2 of them at the direct sales price. This is very encouraging. As some of you may know, pricing is always tricky. This year I tried a new formula: the Minimum bid reflected the price I was willing to let it go (wholesale) and the direct sales price was my ideal price (retail, or the price that reflects the amount of work I put into it.)

So here are the 3 pieces I sold. It really is like having your children leave the nest (So to speak :-))

A Little bit Sheldon and a Little Bit Penny

PacMan Fever

Back, White and Red Rampant All-Over
 Well it's onto the next project....my Niece's prom dress...Pics to come soon!

Live Long and Prosper! Teri