Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chicon...Here I Come...

I am so excited...I have entered into my first World Con Art Show...And it just happens to be in my old hometown of Chicago...It couldn't get any better. Here is a link to Chicon. http://www.chicon.org

I received great feedback on the quilt I have shown at both Orycon and Norwescon. Unfortunately, it was not for sale since I made it for my niece. But I still had the pattern. (Half of the work was developing the pattern.) So I decided to do a series of 10 quilts using this pattern.

Here is a photo of the original quilt. This one is called "Mother Dragon"
For Chicon, I decided to work on the 2nd installment. And I have been working hard this version. I do not have a name for it yet, but I wanted something rich in texture and color.  I finished the dragon and am now in the process of basting it to the background. Here is a sneak peak. (Note the pins...tee hee...still have tons of basting to do...)
In addition to the Dragon Quilt, I am expanding my "Con Bag" collection. The idea behind these bags is to have one-of-a kind art bags that a con-goer can use. It has slots for your credit cards, ID and room key, a small pouch for cash, lipstick or whenever and the purse is big enough to hold a smart phone and a small pad of paper. I am always looking for found: fabrics, whether its from the fabric store, Goodwill or yard sales. Since I love to use texture and color, the back will always be a different fabric from the front. Here are photos of a couple I have shown in other shows.

This one is called "Dragon on the Prowl". The Dragon is hand-beaded and the pattern was free-formed as I beaded it on upholstery fabric. The back is 100% cotton and is machine embroidered. Lining is 100% cotton.

This next one is stone and beads on purple rayon/silk velvet. It's called "Spirit Stone". I was inspired by the spirit image in the stone. The back is 100% silk and is hand-smocked. Lining is 100% Cotton.

I will be showing these at Chicon as well in addition to a few more bags. I hope to start my next batch this weekend.

Well, that's it for now....I will post again when I am further along in my next project and may reveal some of my other bead/fabric art. :-)

Cheers, Teri