Thursday, February 9, 2012

Trying Again!!!!

After much trial and tribulation...(It appears I set-up multiple blogs.) I am once again going to attempt to blog on a regular basis.
Okay....I have lots of things happening. First I want to update everyone on my status. I have been in a few art shows now (and actually won Director's Choice at Orycon 31). I have also been in a couple of masquerades. I took Best of Show for Workmanship at Norwescon and with our group "Stempunk Wizard of Oz" took Best Journeyman for Workmanship at Worldcon.

As soon as I can collect all of the photos I will be posting them....

I took a break from doing the art shows to get married...My husband Thor is very loving and supportive.
Now that we are established in a new home, (and a new city and job for me) I want to be more active in my blog. I have an opportunity to Participate in the 1912 Project, recreating fashions from the Titanic.
I will also be working on new costumes for Norwescon for Thor and myself. Will be blogging on that progress as well. (Need to find my camera In addition, I have plans to sell items through Etsy and am contemplating entering the art show at Worldcon this year in Chicago. (Yes we are going....)

oh...I do need to update my profile (baby steps)

Stay Tuned!  Teri (Theresa)