Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Winter is Coming"

When I saw the House Stark Sigil (from Game of Thrones)...

I was immediately inspired to make a messenger bag. I envisioned doing the wolf's head with a satin-stitch outline and the fur in a 3-D effect out of different quilting cottons prints. 

For the rest of the bag I found in my stash (fabrics I had found at Goodwill at some point.) some wool, wool binding and a few upholstery fabrics that incorporated many of the colors from the cottons I had picked out, plus a lovely cotton plaid for the lining. I still have to put it together...but here are the pieces. (This way you can what the interior looks like.)

As you can see, I love to put in lots of pockets...

Bag Flap (With zippered pocket)

Back of Bag with zippered pocket

Bag interior with 2 pockets

Bag interior with 2 pockets

Bag interior with zippered pocket. 
I am so excited that it's almost done. I will post a pic of the final bag...Say tuned! Teri

Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Perch"....or "WTF"....or..."Ah...Lunch"'s been awhile since I have part of my birthday resolution (LOL...) I am going to post more regularly. 

Quick recap... I had a great showing at Chicon. Sold 5 items including one that went to auction. At Norwescon 37, my "Guardian of Avalon" took third place and in addition, I sold 2 more bags. I am so pleased and honored that my work is being well received.

As a starting ground for my next series of blogs, I decided to take you through the creation of one of my pieces.

I had an idea of creating a Chinese dragon with jersey heather cuttings I can get from work.  They are variegated in color so the scales would truly have an ombre effect.

So I was sketching basic dragon bodies...was not liking anything I was sketching. I sketched one dragon and it looked wrong...but I kept staring at I decided stick some wings on it. I ended up with a very different direction. 

Realized he was looking at something and in the original face he was slightly bemused.  Now? I can't tell if he is protective or hungry. I have a few working titles (See blog title) It really all depends on how his face looks after I finish it.

Next to come??? The pattern execution. Stay Tuned! 

Live Long and Prosper...Teri