Sunday, August 11, 2013

Winter Is Coming - Part Deaux + other things....

Well...The bag is finally finished.  Here are the images:
Bag front
Bag back
Bag front with flap open
It will debut at Orycon in November. ( More on this later as I will be a panelist and a judge for the Masquerade. This year promises to be so fun...I can't wait.

I have another bag I have started. I was inspired by some fabric cuttings a friend gave me from work, (Thanks Stephanie!) I don't have a title yet, but I already have the front and back prepped. I just need to create and add the applique (It will be a red dragon based on Celtic tattoo art.) and then put it together. I have a fabulous black, white and red lining in a Japanese print that I found in one of my Goodwill adventures.
Top pattern is the back and the bottom is the front with the cut-out of the dragon pattern.
Last but not least...I can finally post pics of the box I did for my niece, Manuela. It was for her birthday in July. I beaded a turtle from one of my mom's favorite shirts. I appliqued it on to a Balinese print and thread-painted the floral pattern. I then attached it on top of a wonderful cedar cigar box I found at Goodwill. I named it "Red Sea Turtle: maybe Moses had a little help". Manu loved it!
Beaded Turtle against the original shirt fabric.

Finished box
I did get to play with my new Embellisher machine (needle felting)...It is pretty awesome. I am washing the first test piece now to see how it holds up. Hoping it survive the wash as I would love to use this technique for my next bag. I really strive to have my bags durable. 

Well this is it for now....Stay tuned...Live long and Prosper ~ Teri