Friday, February 18, 2022

Wow...Its been awhile...

I can't believe its been over 3 years since I added to my blog. With Covid I was not able to participate in a convention for 2 years but that did not stop me from working. (maybe slowed down a bit ...LOL)

Let's see...projects I have completed....

I made an art quilt expressing how the shutdown affected me.  I called it "In the Time of Covid". I was able to submit it to the NW Quilt Expo and recevied wonderful feedback from the judges. 

I have been wanting to improve my free motion quilting skills, I set myself the heculean task of finishing 5 lap quilts before christmas. I did finish 4 of them (pics below). The one still unfinished is for me. I have the top done but still need to finish it. I will post when its done. 

I also finished 2 bags that will be shown at Galifrey One this weekend in Los Angeles. (Feb. 18th-20th, 2022)
In the Murky Depths


I also am excited to announce that I have a new product...Vaccine Card Holders.  I have receved positive feedback and hope to selling them through the convention artshows as long they are needed. 

If you look to the left, I have updated my show schedule and am excited to be active again! 

Love and Cheers, Theresa

Monday, September 10, 2018

It's so Hard to Say Goodbye

I have had a great year in sales so far for 2018. I sold in the art shows for 
Arisia 2018, 
Worldcon San Jose 76
Bubonicon 50. 

I have images of all of my bags that have sold pictured below. It really is hard to say good bye. But I know they have found new homes with people who will love and appreciate them.

Maria - Large Messenger Bag - Front Flap
Classic image based on the movie "Metropolis"
All thread painting and beading done by me
Maria - Large Messenger Bag - Inside Flap
All quilting done by me
Twilight Journey - Large Messenger Bag
All Embroidery, applique and thread painting designed by me.
A Vision in the Sea - Cross Shoulder bag
Mermaid is design and digitized by me.

In the Velvet Sky - Cross Shoulder Bag
Design and free motion quilting designed and digitized by me. 
Bonkers - Circle Bag - Front
All embroidery digitized by me,
Hat is based on the art of John Tenniel from Alice in Wonderland
Bonkers - Circle Bag - Back
All embroidery designed and digitized by me.
Dalek Daze- Medium ToteDesign based on the Daleks from Dr. Who and digitized by me
Free motion quilting done by me (including the bottom).

Day of the Dead Cat Walking - medium messenger bag
Cat embroidery design by Urban Threads,
Free motion stitching and bead embroidery done by me. 

Design based on the Daleks from Dr. Who and digitized by me
All other embroidery designed and digitized by me.

Faerie Elegance - Small Tote
Faerie embroidery design by Ashley EasyStitches
Free motion stitching by me. 

Fire and Blood - Medium Messenger Bag
Leather Applique burned-out free hand by me based on
the Targaryen Sigil from HBO's Game of Thrones
Free motion stitching done by me. 

Secrets - Medium Tote
Basically the same embroidery design as "Bonkers"
but with a few tweaks.
Secrets - Front Pocket
Secrets - Front Pocket

White Tree
Digitized by me based on Tolkien's "Return of the King"
Free motion stitching done by me. 

Peacock Paradise - Cross Shoulder Bag
Peacock Embroidery design by Embroidery Library
Bead embroidery done by me. 
It's a Beautiful Night Out - Large Tote
Moon embroidery design by Urban Threads,
Star design by me. 
Free Spirit - Large Tote
Horse embroidery design by Urban Threads,

I design and make all of my bags. Each bag is One of a Kind. Even if I use the same embroidery, I will never use the same fabric or stitching. This includes:
     My own original bag patterns, (made to order for each bag).
     Selecting fabric and trims
     Cutting and making the bags
     Creating all artwork on each bag 
           (except embroidery designs where noted.)
     Each bag is also clean-finished on the inside, 
     Interlined and double or triple stitched for extra durability.
     Each bag will also have 2 to 7 pockets depending on the style.
With only 2 bags left in inventory, I definitely have my work cut-out for me to get ready for Orycon 40.

Now back to unpacking my studio!

Monday, October 2, 2017

ORYCON 39 Panel Schdule

Greetings everyone -

Orycon 39, will be held Friday, November 17th - Sunday, November 19th at the Red Lion Hotel, Jantzen Beach, Portland, OR. 

I am very happy to have been accepted into the Art Show.

In addition, I will be a panelist. Below is my panel schedule. The rows in blue are the panels I am moderating. I am pleased and honored to be working with such wonderful and talented costumers and artists. 

If there is a specific item or subject you would like me to cover, please feel free to comment or send me an e-mail at See you in November! 
Hats to Spats-
Fri Nov 17
Accessories create a layer of depth and authenticity to the overall look and feel of any outfit. We'll explore finding, making and modifying accessories from top to bottom, including jewelry, gloves, cantes, eyewear, and, of course, hats and shoes. Janet Borkowski, Shoshana Glick, Theresa Halbert, SunnyJim
Sewing Basics
Fri Nov 17
Simple sewing techniques for making costumes. Various stitching and construction techniques. Erica Smith, Elizabeth Fellows, Holly Forbis, Emily Upton, Theresa Halbert
Star Wars Costuming
Sat Nov 18
Exploring costuming in the worlds of Star Wars, old and new. Vincent Vaughn, Clayton Callahan, Theresa Halbert, Erica Smith, Richard Stephens
Costuming Without Breaking the Bank
Sat Nov 18
Costuming can be an expensive hobby, and all the various elements of a costume and the supplies needed to create them can add up quickly. Discuss how to get the most out of your dollar with inexpensive fabrics and discount notions, how to find what you need at thrift stores, and how to plan ahead so you can find time and ways to save the most money. Theresa Halbert, Jessica Walsh, Shoshana Glick, Roberta Monaghan-Christensen, Orchid Cavett
Historical Costuming
Sat Nov 18
What makes a costume historically accurate and how important is it to get every detail right? What are the best resources for learning about fashion through the centuries? Panelists discuss what draws them to this genre of costuming. Ann Ezell, Erica Smith, Jamie Bear, Richard Stephens, Theresa Halbert
Beading 101
Sat Nov 18
Learn the basics of bead work and when and how to use it in costuming Theresa Halbert, Kathryn Brant, Judith Conly, Elizabeth Fellows
Craft as Art
Sat Nov 18
Needle felted sculpture, bead sculpture, embellished bags and boxes, pottery and enameled buttons. All of these things appear regularly in convention Art Shows. Explore the confluence of handicraft and art. Lisa Snellings, Theresa Halbert, Yl WaterSong, Rebecca Lexa, Judith Conly
Star Trek Costuming
Sun Nov 19
Star Trek Costuming--from different uniforms to how the aliens dressed. Roberta Monaghan-Christensen, Jonnalyhn Prill, Clayton Callahan, Sarah Gulde, Theresa Halbert
Group Costuming
Sun Nov 19
How to put together costume groups; either for one entry or as a permanent group, and how to keep them together through thick and thin. Janet Borkowski, Theresa Halbert, Richard Stephens, Vincent Vaughn
Pattern Modification
Sun Nov 19
Drafting a pattern can be difficult, but it's made a lot easier when you can take an existing pattern and change it into what you need. But where do you start? Panelists discuss useful patterns, how to change existing patterns and where to start when making your own. Theresa Halbert, Rebecca Ernst, Richard Stephens, Erica Smith

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hold Fast to Dreams

  4/4/-2017 - UPDATE!! QUILT is FINISHED!! Yay! 

It turned out even better than I imagined!!!

I am working on a new quilt...hoping to show at Norwescon.  With all that is going on in the world, my heart is not into finishing my Mermaid quilt. Don't worry, I do plan to finish it.😊😊😊 

However, during the campaign I was very affected by the negativity from Trump and I felt the needed to put all of what I was feeling into my art. Once I had my concept I was excited to move forward. 

I am naming it after first line of my daughter Nyya's favorite poem; "Hold Fast to Dreams" by Langston Hughs.


I had my granddaughter Mahara model for me...She had a hard time not laughing. 

I printed out the picture and drew what I thought was the essence of of a 10 year girl dreaming. Using the picture as a template. (and a lightbox) 

I then moved her into her bedroom. (I didn't want to make her smaller so I placed her left arm under the blanket.)

I transferred this to fabric using turn-needle applique.  (I still have some details to stitch in.)

Previously I had sewn the "Dreamscape" part of the quilt. (Using turn needle applique and machine embroidery.)  My challenge now is to put all of this together. 

I still have some tweaking to do on the rays, but this is a pretty close approximation of the final top. LOL...then I still have to add the border and quilt it. 

Langston Hughes, 1902 - 1967

Hold fast to dreams 
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field

Frozen with snow.

Peace to you all.

~ Teri

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Mermaid Quilt - Part 2

Soooo...My sister says to me "I haven't seen any new updates about your quilt.". I took that as a hint that maybe I should let everyone know my progress.

I have been making strides. While I was able to use my pattern for the tail, I soon discovered I really did not like the shapes I drew for the body.  I ended up doing the body organically.  It was more like doing a mosaic or a jigsaw puzzle. But I am really pleased with the results.  All of the shapes are turn-needle and I was surprised I could work that small. I am looking forward to using this technique for future projects. 

The face turned out a little differently than planned, but I find that my faces often have their own personality so I usually go with it as they really do not give me a choice. 

Here is the result:

I also started working on the ground. I quilted the blue background and then washed it for added texture. I had pre-made several pieces using a product called "Texture Magic" for the sea bed elements. I had so much fun using the beauty of the batik fabric with the quilt stitches.  It really made my sea bed come alive. 

I am now in the process of satin stitching everything down. The seaweed on the right is done. 

So you can get an idea of how everything is coming together I placed the mermaid on the ground fabric.  The scales are something I am toying with right now. I don't think the scale of the scales (LOL) is quite right, I do think they need to be smaller. (Sigh...just more work...Ah well.)

I do plan to add some other sea elements (starfish, sea plants, etc...) I also am still working out how add the body and hair to the quilt. Decisions, decisions.

Well that's it for now.  Thanks again for dropping by! Teri 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

And for my Next Project...Mermaid Quilt

I am finally starting on my next art quilt.  Actually, the drawing has been 2 years in the making.  It took me awhile to get it to where I wanted it.  Of course that meant I would work on it...put it to the side for several months, work on it some more...put it to the side. and then work on it some more. It was important that I had her personality and was clear on where the pattern pieces went. 

Here is the final result:
So then I blew it up to the size I wanted, so the final size of the actual mermaid (without the rest of the quilt) is 41"h x 25" wide. I think the final size of the quilt will be about 65"h x 50", but its hard to say. 

I have decided to employ the turn-needle applique method I learned from Barbara Olson. She is my absolute favorite quilt artist. It was her work that inspired me to go in this direction with my own artwork. (Needless to say when I had the opportunity to learn from her I was the biggest fan girl...she was awesome!) Check out her website.

Here is my pattern just begging me to start cutting and sewing. (and yes...there will be over 150 pieces...) 
I know this looks like paint-by-numbers, but it really helps keep track of what goes where.
In addition to working on the drawing, I have been collecting fabric too.  Since this is underwater, I decided to work with the batik quilt fabric. And there are many lovely colors and patterns to choose from. Here are the ones I have chosen. The background fabric is the background of the quilt where my mermaid will live.  

Body Fabric
Tail/Fin Fabric

Hair Fabric

Assorted Scenery Fabric

Framing Fabric (2-left) and the background fabric.

Next steps? Start cutting everything out.  I will do this in sections so I can keep track of where I am. I I will start with the scales.  They will be made with the iridescent fabric with the same technique as used in my fairy wing tutorial.  I have at least 200 scales to make...It will be a long evening. :-) Then will cut out the tail and bottom fin. 
As always, I will keep you posted on my progress.  Cheers, Teri

Friday, July 31, 2015

Up and Running at Galacticon!

I set - up my booth... and have already made my first sale!!  The Starbuck bag. Whoo hoo! !
And I have my lovely niece Ariel helping me. 
Will keep you posted on my progress! !