Monday, September 10, 2018

It's so Hard to Say Goodbye

I have had a great year in sales so far for 2018. I sold in the art shows for 
Arisia 2018, 
Worldcon San Jose 76
Bubonicon 50. 

I have images of all of my bags that have sold pictured below. It really is hard to say good bye. But I know they have found new homes with people who will love and appreciate them.

Maria - Large Messenger Bag - Front Flap
Classic image based on the movie "Metropolis"
All thread painting and beading done by me
Maria - Large Messenger Bag - Inside Flap
All quilting done by me
Twilight Journey - Large Messenger Bag
All Embroidery, applique and thread painting designed by me.
A Vision in the Sea - Cross Shoulder bag
Mermaid is design and digitized by me.

In the Velvet Sky - Cross Shoulder Bag
Design and free motion quilting designed and digitized by me. 
Bonkers - Circle Bag - Front
All embroidery digitized by me,
Hat is based on the art of John Tenniel from Alice in Wonderland
Bonkers - Circle Bag - Back
All embroidery designed and digitized by me.
Dalek Daze- Medium ToteDesign based on the Daleks from Dr. Who and digitized by me
Free motion quilting done by me (including the bottom).

Day of the Dead Cat Walking - medium messenger bag
Cat embroidery design by Urban Threads,
Free motion stitching and bead embroidery done by me. 

Design based on the Daleks from Dr. Who and digitized by me
All other embroidery designed and digitized by me.

Faerie Elegance - Small Tote
Faerie embroidery design by Ashley EasyStitches
Free motion stitching by me. 

Fire and Blood - Medium Messenger Bag
Leather Applique burned-out free hand by me based on
the Targaryen Sigil from HBO's Game of Thrones
Free motion stitching done by me. 

Secrets - Medium Tote
Basically the same embroidery design as "Bonkers"
but with a few tweaks.
Secrets - Front Pocket
Secrets - Front Pocket

White Tree
Digitized by me based on Tolkien's "Return of the King"
Free motion stitching done by me. 

Peacock Paradise - Cross Shoulder Bag
Peacock Embroidery design by Embroidery Library
Bead embroidery done by me. 
It's a Beautiful Night Out - Large Tote
Moon embroidery design by Urban Threads,
Star design by me. 
Free Spirit - Large Tote
Horse embroidery design by Urban Threads,

I design and make all of my bags. Each bag is One of a Kind. Even if I use the same embroidery, I will never use the same fabric or stitching. This includes:
     My own original bag patterns, (made to order for each bag).
     Selecting fabric and trims
     Cutting and making the bags
     Creating all artwork on each bag 
           (except embroidery designs where noted.)
     Each bag is also clean-finished on the inside, 
     Interlined and double or triple stitched for extra durability.
     Each bag will also have 2 to 7 pockets depending on the style.
With only 2 bags left in inventory, I definitely have my work cut-out for me to get ready for Orycon 40.

Now back to unpacking my studio!

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