Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fun with my Embellisher Machine-Part 1

Last year I purchased the Brother Embellisher Machine. This does machine needle felting and expanded my horizons to thread/fabric paint for my artwork and bags.

It did take a bit to get over my fear of using the machine but I finally worked on a project that I hope becomes a bag. I anticipate this Blog will be in 3 parts:

1. Showing the steps I did to machine felt the fabric (See below)
2. Bead embroidering the fabric. 
3. The final result. 

I started with this beautiful purple heather wool....
Base Layer
I experimented on a some of this wool before I moved into the final landscape. Here are some of the effects:
Experiment with Roving.
This was a cool effect, but ended up not using it for this bag.

This was the experiment. I know this picture isn't clear,
but I ended up using 2 of the 4 elements I played with.
This is the final result. You can also machine felt with yarn. That is where the spirals came from. I still have a couple of tweaks, but overall I am pleased. I imagine I will get better once I really learn what the machine can and can't do.....But the possibilities are endless!!!!
Now I just need to
 add my beads and then make the bag!!

Live Long and Prosper! Teri

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