Thursday, February 6, 2014

Welcome to Dragon Ragz!!!

Okay...I know I have been talking about opening an Esty Shop...While I am not quite ready to open the shop I have updated the name of my business to better reflect what I am doing now. 

So....(Drum roll please)....Welcome to Dragon Ragz. I chose this name not just to reflect my obvious love of dragons, but to give a quick description of what my work stands for. Dragon stands for my point of view...taking an idea and using Color and Texture as an important part of telling the story. The Ragz speaks to my love of using found fabrics,trims and unconventional materials whenever possible.

This new name, I feel, allows me to express my love of art through the fabric medium.. Be it bags, wall art, clothing/costumes or any other idea that suits the idea I want to convey

Please keep an eye out as I continue to post my projects and adventures. I am really excited about the direction I am heading. 

Cheers, Teri 

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